Seasonally Jane


Hi! I’m Amanda Jane. I live in Florida with my husband and pup! The Seasonally Jane food blog originally launched in 2014, and after taking some time off I’m excited to relaunch in 2020. I’m one of those unexpected people who prefers cooking at home to going out, feels happiest when my kitchen pantry is fully stocked, and has more mismatched plates and bowls for food photography than anyone you know. I write Seasonally Jane to share my favorite recipes made with seasonal ingredients.

Meet Amanda Jane

My food philosophy developed before my actual cooking skills. I became interested in cooking in my mid-20’s. For a period of time I was obsessed with learning through books and articles about vegetable-based eating, industrial livestock production, food regulations and more. Armed with new knowledge, I formed preferences and a style of eating. Quality of ingredients, organic farming, meat from animals raised humanely and without chemical-laden feed, whole foods, and seasonal produce became nonnegotiable staples. To match these new convictions, I taught myself how to cook.
Seasonally Jane documents the recipes I enjoy most throughout the year. Join me in the kitchen- let’s celebrate the season’s one meal at a time.

Seasonal Cooking



I am a produce salesman’s daughter. Fruits and vegetables filled our kitchen growing up, and salads were a staple at every dinner. So yeah, I am one of those unicorn humans who friggin’ loves vegetables (and herbs, beans, whole grains… you get it). Eating produce in its seasonal rotation just makes sense to me. Here are a few benefits that make this rhythm of eating worth trying for yourself...



Taste. Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food consumed out of season.

Creative Cooking. With new ingredients coming into season each month there’s less chance of getting stuck in a ‘food-rut’ cooking the same things over and over again!

Lower Prices. Produce in season is more abundant, so it is less per pound in the store. 

Seasonal Cooking



Farmer’s Market. A good farmers market is one of my favorite ways to support local farmers. By focusing on locally-grown food, you don't have to navigate seasonality—that just falls into place naturally. Alice Waters said it best: “I consider that experience of meeting the farmers and connecting with seasonal food, cooking it myself and gathering with my friends and family around the table as the most important experience of my life.”

Seasonal Cooking

Brown Butter

Pinot Noir

Fresh Herbs

Parmigiano Reggiano

Nutty toffee notes, a little sweet and savory with a heady caramel aroma.

Rich stews, amazing sauces, and even desserts can all be made better after adding a bit of red wine.

Irreplaceable secret weapon for great cooking, and the perfect garnish.

Fruity and nutty, the ultimate topping for just about anything.  

Compound Butter

Softened and whipped with various ingredients like herbs, honey or spices.